Monday, December 15, 2008


Many people say they love to Alloh Subhanahuwa Ta’ala. They said it must be tested as there are genuine or just false.

Is the first examination; They should not hate to die because there are not people who are reluctant to meet with a friend. Prophet Muhammad SAW said;

"Who wants to see Alloh, Alloh want to see him."

It is true that there are sincere people who love to feel Alloh tremble when considering the arrival die before he is ready to make supplies to return to the Hereafter, but if you really sincere he will be more diligent attempt to make the stock.

The second is the test he must be willing to sacrifice their interests, according to the Alloh and I'm efforts Alloh to surrender and to any detest that dissociate himself with Alloh. Sin made by someone is not proof that he does not love to Alloh directly, but it proves that he does not support full life God body. Fudhoil bin Iyadh guardian Alloh said to a man;

"If anyone asked you whether you love to Alloh, you must be silent because if you said:" I do not love Alloh, "then you disbelieve, and if you said," I love ", then you act contrary to the words you."

Examination of the third Alloh to remember is that there must always in the hearts of people without or cultivated is correct, because what we love that we must always remember. If love is perfect, he will not forget that it loved. There is also the possibility that while love to Alloh it does not take place in the hearts of someone, then love to support Alloh it may also take place, because love is one thing to love and love is one of the other.

Examination of the fourth and then show love to Alloh is that someone is to love Al-Quran, which Kalam Alloh , and love to Muhammad the Messenger Alloh. If love is strong, They would love to all people because all humans are servants Alloh. Even love of all creatures, because the people who love or love to someone that would also love to work created by sweetheart and also to love writing or articles.

Exam is the fifth he likes to sit alone for the purpose of worship, and he likes the heady night can come to talk with colleagues or friend without offending someone. If he likes boast in the day and sleep at night it shows the love is not perfect. ALLOH said to the Prophet Daud,

"Do not unduly intimate with a man, because there are two types of people irrespective of MY people: namely that they actively seek rewards and become a sluggard when they get the reward, and they are keeping themselves and exceeded it. Alerts of I not accept is leave them so alone. "

In fact, if you love to Alloh is really taking place in the hearts of all of a person, the love for the others it will not take place directly into the liver. Someone of Bani Israel has become the habit of prayer in the night.
But see if the birds chirp in the trees with tuneful once, he than I was under the principal that can enjoy the birds warble. Alloh tell Prophet Daud go see him and said,

"You have to mix love birds warble to ME with love, dignity thou among Auliya 'Allah has revealed,"

Conversely there are also people who love to Alloh too, is a day to do it their prayer to Alloh house has been burned, but he did not see and realize the house burned.

The sixth is prayer to be happy. Alloh there is a guardian, said,
"In the thirty years of doing my first night with a prayer scramble, but thirty-second prayer is that it was delicious and also good to me." If love to Alloh is perfect, no delicious comparable with the delicious worship.

The seventh is the people who love to Alloh would love to those who obey Alloh and they hate to unbelievers and those who disobeyed the Alloh. Al-Quran states "they behave roughly to the unbelievers, and I love each other their own." One time, ask Alloh Prophet, "O Lord, who YOUR sweetheart?" heard responses,

"Who cling to ME like a baby with his mother, taking refuge with remember ME such as birds seek refuge in nest, and the angry to see sin as the angry lion that is not afraid of what and anyone."

Kimyatusy Sya'adah


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