Thursday, November 27, 2008

Setting NAM CDMA 2


4000, 9000, 9100, 9155, 9500, etc Nam Programming:
Phone on and wait until the little light on top goes out
Nam Set: 289+fcn+#+1
Service menu: fcn+00+fsc(000000)
Test Mode: Hold (2,*,Rcl)+Power
Test Mode Commands:
99 - download - flash phone
124 - inam data write
125 - version
126 - esn read
127 - sec_code
128 - lock_code
129 - is WFTV data write
137 - FSC code
138 - NPcode (nam program code)
139 - dscode
141 - restart
218 - Read_Addr
000 - is cdma mode
001 - is fm mode
002 - is pcs mode
008 - is reg read addr
020 - is lna_range
Pcx-3500xl Nam Programming:
Nam Set: ##2726+Send+1998+1+Spc+1

Cdm-100, 130, 135, 8300, 8500, 8600, 8900etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: ##20022002Endselect NAM

8610, 8910, etc Nam programming:
Name Set: ##847446, end, 111111

107 Nam Programming:
Nam Set: 45680*47*869#1

CMP-3 Nam Programming:
Nam Set: 45680*47*869#1
Dm Mode: Menu, 6, 6

9950 Nam Programming:
Nam Set: ##3282

Z800 (7900, Sharp) Nam Programming:
Nam Set: m + # + envelope key + * + 1

Audiovox Thera (Toshiba 2032) Nam Programming:
Thera Nam Programming User Manual - nam_thera.pdf

9100, 9155:
1) Turn on the phone. As soon the phone comes on and the green light
turns off press RIGHTARROW, 0, 0. The phone will ask for the
“FSC Code”, press 000000 then choose OK and press RIGHTARROW,
RIGHTARROW. Your phone is now in test mode.
2) The signal strength is the number on the top right hand side of the screen.
3) To turn off test mode shut of the phone and then turn it back on.


Moto 7760, 7860, 2260, 8160, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Fcn,0000000000000, Rcl
Nam Set: 74663#, Fcn, Fcn
Test Mode: Fcn, 00**83786633, Sto

Moto v60c, v120c etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: 74663#, Menu, Menu, Spc
Nam Set: Menu, 073887, * (type quickly)
Test Mode: Menu, 073887*, Spc
Debug Mode: ##33284

Force the phone into DIGITAL ONLY mode:
1) ##33284 (Debug)
2) RIGHT Softkey (Next) Twice
3) Down arrow 10 times to “PrefMod”
4) RIGHT Softkey (Change) until you see “DigOnly”
5) LEFT softkey (Exit)
6) MENU then LEFT Softkey return to idle screen
7) ##33284 (The last 4 will not display if you have done it correctly)

Moto182, c210, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: ##1111 end
Nam Set: ##298645665 end
Short Nam: ##073887 sto

Moto v710, v730, v740, ms150, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: 8378*# + press 3 times NATE (spc - 071082)
Test Mode: Menu, 073887*, Spc
Service Menu: #758353266#646#

Moto StarTac 2004 Nam Programming:
Nam Set: 5759789*#, rec key (3)times (spc - 915037)

Moto ms200, ms230, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: 5759789*# (spc - 915037)

Moto v6060 Nam Programming:
Nam Set:147*369#456*0#

v60, c120, c331, etc:
1) Turn on the phone. Press MENU 0 7 3 8 8 7 *
2) The phone will require you to “Enter a Security Code”, press 000000, OK
3) Scroll down to “Test mode” choose SELECT. Scroll down to “Enable”
choose SELECT. Your phone is now in test mode.
4) Signal strength is the 3_rd number down on the left hand side of the screen.
5) To toggle between regular mode and test mode: Press MODE then
6) To turn off the test mode the phone must be in regular mode, then follow
the above sequence and scroll down to where it says “DISABLE” instead of
“ENABLE” and choose select.
Motorola Bible - bible.txt

lgc-300, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Menu, 9, Spc
A-key: Press “Sto” 3sec, 2539**

lgc-330w, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Menu, 4, 0, Spc
A-key: 2539**
Please note, although no boardcode and smiley buttons are shown, they are still useable

Verizon Pantech PN215
Try those codes :
Nam Set: ##20022002+End (SPC is 000000)
Read user lock: #5625*+End
A-key: 2539**
DM baud rate: ##2283+End
Misc. Test: ##27752345+End
S/W Test1: ##27732726+End
Debug screen: ##2773+End
Rfnu_Contents: ##2250+End
Reset Settings: ##1133+End
Keytone Time: ##1144+End
P_Rev: ##7738+End
Battery_adc: ##2768+End
Test Bell/Voice/Led/Dot: ##1122+End
RX Mode Fax: **0492+End
RX Mode Data: **0491+End
RX Mode Reset: **0490+End


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