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Known This World

This world is like a market that passed by the nomadic journey to the place that one again. Here's where the nomadic gather supplies for the journey. In a nutshell is the place where the human senses by using jasmaninya, gained some knowledge about the work of God, and through that knowledge to Know God. This is the view of God that determines the happiness and safety in the days later; because of Sciences to get this down to the human world and this land. While there inderanya along with it, people said it was "in the world." When the senses this and find out the nature-only nature that need to stay the course. he said, has returned to the Hereafter.

During a man in the world, two things necessary for him.

First; protect and nurture (maintain) and Ruhnya

Both; maintain and menyelenggara body.Food Spirit, such as those before it, is to Know and Love God. If love is designated solely to "ghair God" (besides God), then Perish the Spirit. The body is only like animals tunggangan for the Spirit. Agency will be destroyed, but the Spirit still alive. Spirit should maintain the body. Like people who want to do Hajj to Mecca, he needs to keep the she-camel, but if he spends time with the feeding and decorating course she-camel, the caravan will leave it behind and he Perish in the sand.

The needs of the human body is divided to three only, namely food; clothing and shelter. But the willingness of agencies to get someone on the three things that tend to be resourceful and preferred against three things from it. Therefore, there is willingness been approved and are limited by law Sharia, which were brought by the Messenger-Messenger.

As the world also, where we live, divided to three - that is, animals, plants and cut (the metal). Results third this always needed by humans and the birth of three main work on the human;

• Work weaving,
• Work Building and
• Work Metal.

This is also divided to several branches again as Tailor Shop, Wind Stone, Wind Iron and others again. No free themselves; need to work together. So timbullah transportation and docking of trade and commerce. Here arises the circumstances which publishes envy, spite, Tamak, greedy and various disease-like Soul (Spirit). Thus arose the squabbling and disputes and the need to engage, berkerajaan and knowledge of the law.

Hence, employment and trade in the world is increasingly complex and disheveled and complex. This is because people have forgotten that their primary needs are only three things that only clothes, food and shelter. This anya aims to make it feasible for agencies tunggangan Spirit in the journey to the Hereafter. They have driven the same as people who go to Mecca, they have forgotten the purpose of travel and himself, and spend time feeding and decorating she-camel. Human certainly dazzled and attracted by the world unless he is careful to not tempted. The Prophet said there is a world is like the Tukang sihir smarter than Harut and Marut.
World deceive us with the following ways.

First; he ostensibly abide with us when actually it's always passed for the time when a wave Welcome To say to us, such as the shadow that seemed to remain, but the actual move.

Second; World berpusing like this as Magic Specializes attractive but evil. She dissimulate love us, like us, but then he went to the enemy and leave our human grief and despair. Isa Alaihissalam see the world as this form of berkebaya old grandmother who is poor. He asked how the world is that he no husband. The World said her husband is not measurable amount. He said there was her husband was dead or divorced. He said all they have dibunuhnya. Isa Alaihissalam said;

"I wonder why people stupid, have to see how you do it but the cruelty they also still like and love to you."

Grandmother berkebaya that this evil wear a beautiful, beautiful face and close. Then he went tempt men. Things that people obsessed and misguided and dibinasakannya. The Prophet said. never said that Qiyamat later in the day, this world will be a form of Experts with the Magic, green eyes and teeth tertonjol out. People who see it will say;

"Kasihanilah kami! Who is this?"
Angel will answer;
"This is a world that you do and pertengkarkan, you kill-kill-sembelih and slaughtered between one another."

Then he will be thrown into Hell and the situations he will scream "Oh God! Where they are my first love." Then God commanded them to cast it in Hell.
Anyone seriously engage with the world that this was not exist, and in the future he will be missing sirna, then he nampaklah that the world is like a journey in which the rank-ranked form of years, months and batunya the day, and step with the times. Do not want to be told how they ruginya that the world is the eternal place kediamannya and make plans for the ten years that will come in, he may be in the tomb in ten days. Who knows!.

Who is leaving himself in the sea of fleeting beauty of this world, in the dead will be like the person who obstruct with the mouth and stomach with food and then vomit it back. Kelazatannya lost sirna. Leaves the shame and stigma. The more property, money ringgit, home and garden beautiful farmer, the more poignant and payahlah he would leave all of that. Pain and exhaustion will be taken until after death due to a normal life with Tamak Haloba it will become also Haloba Tamak after death and here soon will experience tribulation and death and pain because of a desire not satisfied.

One of the characteristics or the temporal nature of the case is initially visible as a small matter, but each of the visible "small" is not limited to divide the number again, until he swallowed and membolot all the time and energy of people. Isa alaihissalam said;

"People who love to the world that people like the drink sea water, drink more and more opposition to it eventually perish, but the opposition is not also lost."
The Prophet said. I;

"It's not you mingle with the mundane, but as you stained the water into surely will be wet."

The world is like a table at the top of any dish for guests who come silih switch. Above the waist there is a bowl of gold and perka, full of tasty food, tasty, and odor-bauan a fragrant scent. But the wise will it necessary, menghidu perfume that, to thank the host, and then go. But guests are stupid, want to bring home the waist gold and silver bowls, but the object is seized of the request. He declined to go. But shame and hopelessness and contemptible that diperolehinya.

Now we close enlighten us about the trickery of this world with the following parable. Katalah a ship arrived at an island full of wood-Kayan. Ship captain tells the passenger-passenger ship that he would stop bebarapa hours only on the island, and they can ride to the beach for a while but do not unduly long. So-passenger alight passengers to the beach and each go there and here as the heart.

The wise people among them will return to the ship in a short time only and see if the ship is a field they find a comfortable place to sit.
The Group is the second passenger also perambulate a little while longer to enjoy the beauty of trees and flowers and hear the birds sing. After returning to the ship, they found places in the ship had been occupied and their disturbance satisfied with a less myaman it.

Group the third run and bersiar far more on the island and bring their stones to the pied brought to the ship. because they are slow to return to the ship, the disturbance they sit in places that are less well in the belly of the ship. They found the stone which they take the shine was lost and the color-warninya.
Then the last was structured-rayau too far to the middle of the island until it is not aware of the clearance has nearly arrived and have not heard the captain call because they unduly far. But the ship disturbance learn more without them. So menyesalah them with despair and dukacita Perish, and eventually their thirst and kepalaran or eaten by wild animals.

The first collection is like those who believe that dissociate themselves from the influence of temporal and the last group which is like the unbelievers who only see this world and forget the Hereafter. The two groups are among those who maintain their faith but to follow the link themselves more than with matters that are not helpful in this world.

Although we have been speaking a lot of rap world, but it must be remembered that there are also things in this world that does not consist of mundane objects, such as the Science and Charity Sholeh. Human will bring with them any knowledge of his own into the Nature Qiyamah. Although the charity sholehnya has passed, but remained in effect wataknya or keperibadiannya especially in the liturgy, which produces love to God and always mengenangNya. This is part of the "things are good" that is in the Al-Quran as a "no destroyed will be destroyed."

Other good things in this world, such as power, food, clothing and so forth used by those who are wise to measure due to all this help to achieve the Natural Life. What is interesting all the attention that cause heart glued to this world and forget to Akihrat, is actually evil solely. This is symbolized by the Prophet said so;
"This world and all the unlucky things in this world of woe, DHIKR except Allah (God recall) and what-what help (to take God)

Kimyatusy- sya'adah

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