Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sewa Villa Kota Batu " Villa Jimmy 1 "

Sewa Villa Batu, Villa Jimmy 1 adalah sewa villa atau sewa homestay MURAH yang berada di kota batu, dengan alamat Jl. Dewi Sartika Atas ( Sebelah Jatim Park 1 ) Kota Batu. Villa Jimmy 1 berada di sebelah Jatim Park 1 jadi sangat strategis dan nyaman untuk beristirahat setelah berekreasi di kota pariwisata kota batu.
Fasilitas Villa Jimmy 1 :
1. 2 Kamar Tidur ( Extra bed 3 kasur )
2. Kamar Mandi
3. Ruang Tamu
4. Dapur lengkap
5. Televisi
6. Lemari Es
7. Air Panas
8. Garasi


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sewa Villa Kota Batu " VILLA OLLY 4 "

Sewa Villa Kota Batu Malang
Villa Olly 4 adalah villa atau homestay yang berada di songgoriti Kota Batu, kami menyewakan villa dengan nuansa yang nyaman serta aman. Yang berada di kawasan songgoriti tepatnya di Perumahan Bukit Songgoriti  Kota batu, dekat dengan berbagai Pariwisata seperti Songgoriti, Jatim Park 1, Museum Angkut, Museum Satwa ( Jatim Park 2 ), Batu Night Spektakuler ( BNS ), Eco Green dll.Villa Olly 4 terdiri dari 8 kamar individu ( Cottage )
Fasilitas Sewa Villa Olly 4 :

  1. 1 Tempat Tidur Besar
  2. 1 Kamar Mandi Bath up Air Panas
  3.  Toilet duduk
  4. 1 Kursi Sofa
  5. 1 Televisi
  6. Pemesanan Menu Makan minum 24 jam tinggal telpon Langsung diantar
  7.  Balkon dengan View Pemandangan Wisata Paralayang
  8. Parkir Luasss


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Successful Forex Trading: Forex Hates Procrastinators

What have you put off today? Something important you had to do that you ended up not doing? Well i am sorry to say this but Forex doesn't like you very much, it won't actually come out and say this, but it will definatley show you by eating all your money.

Why do lazy people flounder in the forex market?

1. They put off getting a broker too long and then often make a bad choice.

2. They don't do any research or engage in education and therefore end up gambling.

3. They clutter up informative blogs and forums with their incessant whines about how forex is a scam and can anyone lend them $20 because they are good for it.

4. They are often emotional about trades and will either get too excited after a good trade or try to take revenge on the market after a bad loss.

Does this look like a successful traders mindset to you? Of course it isn't. Are you guilty of any of these things? If you are get it sorted ASAP, not or my sake, but for your own. It isn't my money you are gambling away. "But i thought forex is investing not gambling?" Thank you! I don't gamble in forex, i invest, many other traders i know invest as well. Whats the difference? Education my friend, education. We know what we are doing, and make educated decisions about where we want our money, a forex gambler wakes up in the morning and just decides then and there where he is going to flush away some more money. They don't research, they don't even know what a chart looks like, they just go with uneducated gut feelings.

But let's stop talking about forex gamblers before i have a stroke, what about successful traders?

1. They research brokers and then choose one and stick to it until the broker gives them reason not to.

2. They are always learning. What is a better indicator to use? What have i done wrong in the last week? This is the kind of thing that sharpens their trading sword so sharp it could cut space and time.

3. They don't post often, they might not ever post on a forum or blog. To them forex is about learning and they would rather listen then speak. Humble eh?

4. They keep their cool. They know that a win can turn into a loss and the other way around within the next 5 minutes. They have the experience and they have already set up their trades to accomodate for a turn in fortune. They are in control. Well mostly.

So the main point of all this text is to realize that if you can't even bother having a shower when you wake up in the morning, how are you ever going to be successful in something as demanding, but equally as rewarding as forex? You aren't because forex hates you.

Forex King

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's a Light ?

The sunset and a flying light. what's that ?

I take this picture when the sunset from my home with my camera in the city of BATU MALANG INDONESIA.

This picture I take deliberately not deliberately,The begin I will take sunset photographs from the attic of my house look beautiful. I take 7 times and this is the last image which appears what is that like a light aircraft somewhere ghost or angel I don’t know. I don’t have a purpose whatever to post this picture just shows that there are other world than us, and adds my faith to ALLOH SWT.

This photo without camera tricks or engineering. please examined their own authenticity.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why so Many Traders Fail at Forex

The old battlefields of the middle ages are not gone, they have merely changed form. Hundreds of years ago normal men would set out to build their empires by conquering lands through the force of arms. Today, normal men like you and i set out to build our financial empires by conquering markets throught the force of self. The blood soaked battlefields of yesterday have made way for the cash soaked commercial battlefields of today, with the large private armies of Family warlords making way for large pools of family capital. Just as armies were needed to shape empires of the past, so too is capital needed today in order to put modern commercial plans of conquest into action.
In there, lies the reason as to why many forex traders fail. They go into battle risking too many soldiers (capital) and without the knowledge of tactics needed to win the fight.

Lets look at that again.
1. They risk too much capital, 2. They do not understand Forex markets.

Many traders both successful and miserable have made these mistakes, the main reason for me writing this article is so you can learn this lesson here and do not have to make this mistake and lose money, or at the very least be cautious enough to minimise your losses.

No general will risk a majority of his men in a battle that he has no plan for and where he has no idea about his enemy. So my question to you is, why would you risk your capital in market conditions you know nothing about? Luckily two remedies exist for the forex general who finds himself in this situation.

1. Make it a rule to only risk 1% of your capital in any one trade. This is to minimise your losses.

2. Educate yourself so you can recognise your chance to strike but also recognise when it is neccessary to withdraw. Learn to read the conditions of the forex battlefield. Great generals of the past would spend years learning battlefield tactics, luckily we can achieve this in a couple of months.

So in summary only risk 1% of your capital in any trade, and educate yourself about how forex markets work.